Day Five of Our Washington Trip

Seafood chowder and fish and chips
Salad with goat cheese and candied walnuts
Pasta on day five of our Washington trip
Seafood ravioli

We finally made it to my final recap of day five of our Washington trip! My partner and I had a lighter load of itinerary items on our last day as our primary goal was to eat as much seafood as possible before returning home. We checked off so many boxes on our to-do list on days one, two, three, and four, and day five of our Washington trip was meant for relaxing, wandering around shopping areas, and eating absolutely delicious food for lunch and dinner! My favorite “types” of food are seafood and Italian (are those considered types? Genres?) and it was essential that we hit both for our two fancy dinners on the trip. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, yeah? First up was an early lunch at Burien Fish House for the crispiest, flakiest, perfectly light and seasoned cod fish and chips. I used to say that the best fish and chips I’ve ever had was in Maui, but Burien’s plate has easily taken the top spot. The fish wasn’t greasy at all and each bite was full of flavor and crunch, especially when topped with splashes of malt vinegar and dips into the homemade tartar sauce. The french fries were steaming hot and crackling in my mouth with every chew. We chose to have the seafood chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl and my partner was ecstatic by how delicious the bread was! The top was grilled and charred and the seafood chowder was light as anything. Chowders always risk being too gummy or flour-y, but this one was chock full of seafood chunks, potatoes, and bacon, and the soup dissolved in my mouth. We loved dipping our crusty bread pieces into the hot soup.

After sufficiently stuffing our bellies full of fried, thicker foods, we picked up chocolate truffles and bars from the original Seattle Chocolates location. We also witnessed a massive car accident, which nearly scared the pants off me! We drove to a huge mall and walked around countless stores and my favorite purchases from the trip were two pairs of Madewell earrings—one pink and dangly and the other small, gold hoops for every day. Leaving the mall with only a few purchases combined, we returned to our hotel to take a nap before dinner.

Just like the night prior, I made dinner reservations for day five of our Washington trip to ensure we’d leave the city on a positive note! I saved us a table at Il Terrazzo Carmine—a quaint Italian restaurant where the food is far bolder than the traditional decor. We split the insalata campagnola for our appetizer, which was a bed of spring mix topped with goat cheese, candied walnuts, and a light vinaigrette. I wasn’t so sure about the walnuts initially, but ever since we returned home, we’ve put candied walnuts on our every day lunch salads. The waiter was kind enough to have the kitchen split our plates before serving so we could have larger portions. For dinner I wasn’t about to pass up more tasty seafood and what’s better than a bowl of capellini di mare or angel hair pasta tossed with fresh tomatoes, prawns, mussels, and clams all for $20? My partner chose the raviolini pesce, which was pieces of large ravioli filled with crab, shrimp, and spinach and a lobster sauce. For all three of our dishes at our “fancy” restaurant, we only paid around $65 excluding tip (which we paid after). Delicious pasta, friendly wait staff, and generous prices all made for the best last dinner in the city! It was an absolutely wonderful trip!