Day Five of Our Texas Trip

Beautiful boots on day five of our Texas trip
Chick fil a on day five of our Texas trip
Tornado time on day five of our Texas trip

Over the past several days I’ve recapped everything my family and I did and ate in the first four days of our Texas vacation. I’ve written and posted about day one of our Texas trip when my parents and I attended the Baylor Men’s Basketball vs. Norfolk game, day two with the Baylor Women’s Basketball vs. Hawaiʻi game—both in the NCAA first round, day three featuring my favorite Mexican food ever, day four with even more delicious foods and my best friends, and now day five of our Texas trip that had a tornado warning across the state!

My parents and I went to visit one of my dad’s friends from college at her and her husband’s boot shop bright and early in the morning. Our quick visit turned into quite a bit of catching up, my trying not to preach about PIC abolition and demilitarization (as always), and contemplating purchasing the most gorgeous pair of cowboy boots I’ve ever seen (pictured above)! I’ve never been interested in cowboy boots before, but have recently thought about white or red leather ones. The pair I fell in love with was almost a cherry color with turquoise stitching—the exact combination I pictured in my mind. Of course I didn’t have the money for the boots, so instead I bid them farewell and hopefully I’ll go back to buy them one day! After our trip to the boot shop, I wanted to stop by the Athletics building where I used to work so I could see papa/grandpa Jerry (Jonathan’s dad) and wish him a happy birthday. I thankfully got to visit with Jer Bear, our dear JMo, and several other people I used to work with in Athletics and it was the best time ever! I’m so lucky that so many people I love are in the same place. We hadn’t eaten all morning and my dad had a meeting coming up, so my mom and I dropped him off at the hotel so we could pick up Chick-fil-a for lunch. I know, I know, this is where I throw my morals out the window. Please forgive me!!! I had my favorite chicken nuggets, fries, and chicken noodle soup because it was cold and stormy outside. I immediately took a nap after lunch and awoke a few hours later so we could meet a local family friend and his daughter who were visiting Baylor on a college trip. We saw Splendid Oaks while we were driving on Franklin and we stopped to get ice cream! I picked chocolate with chocolate chips and it was absolutely delicious!

We knew there would be horrible weather from a couple days prior, and luckily the outcome wasn’t as bad as expected. There were tornadoes across the state (not bad ones) and we had a tornado warning as well, which never occurred. The weather was still ominous, however, with lots of rain, dark clouds, and tons of lightning later that night. The tornado warning alerts went off as soon as we arrived at our friends Dale and Nancy’s house for dinner but we thankfully didn’t experience much. Nancy made the most incredible salsa and guacamole and we had queso to go along with the other dips. Did I mention I’m now randomly obsessed with guacamole? I could’ve eaten far more than what was on my little pupu plate! For dinner Nancy made tamales with chili, rice, and beans, and there are no greater tamales anywhere else. I ate my fair share before playing with their grandchildren for the rest of the night (Amazingly, the children asked for me specifically!!). It was yet another wonderful day with the best foods and company!