Daniel Wellington ‘The Classic Sheffield’ Watch

My search for the perfect watch has gone on for around the past 2 years. I’ve gone through the ‘Michael Kors rose gold chronograph’ faze (thank god that’s over) and the diamond studded watch face faze (I repeat: thank god that’s over). After years of searching high and low at every jewelry stand for a gorgeous watch, I finally found it. The Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield ($199) watch is the absolute perfect watch for me. The black leather band is very classic and the simple face matches outfits for every occasion. Daniel Wellington is a Swedish brand that is very into the preppy trend. They liken themselves to brands like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers that also believe in the classic prep. Because of the simple face on every watch, the brand offers many different band styles to choose from. Their most popular style is the ‘Nato strap’, which originated from the British navy (a type of strap I often see my dad wearing). The watch is clean and minimalistic, which is exactly what I wanted in a watch. The hint of rose gold accents adds a bit of style to the watch and I couldn’t be any happier wearing it on my wrist! Even though the watch came all the way from Sweden, it arrived within two business days (in a very sturdy leather box, might I add). I highly recommend Daniel Wellington to anyone looking for a simple and classic watch that you’ll be able to wear everyday!