Crouching Lion

One day during winter break, Kale, Mikayla, and I drove to Kahana and hiked up Crouching Lion. The trail up to the top of the mountain isn’t a clear path, which makes the hike a bit tricky. The ground was quite muddy as it had rained the day before we went so I recommend going when the sun is shining and the dirt beneath your feet is dry. The hike itself is fairly short because you gain elevation really quickly so we got to the top within 30 minutes or so. There are a lot of branches and trees to grab onto throughout the trail, but as you get closer to the top, there isn’t anything to brace yourself with. When you’re almost to the top, I recommend going around the side of the mountain to get to the actual top of the rock. The view of Kahana Bay and the houses below is gorgeous and makes the difficult parts of the hike worth it!