Cozy in Color and Cashmere

Cozy in color

Quince cashmere tee, J.Crew sweater (old, similar here), Abercrombie and Fitch jeans, Kinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklaceTarget belt, Amazon socksMaryJaneTbilisi shoes

A few months ago (no, I don’t know why I waited this long to post this outfit!) our ever-evolving climate change-induced weather was unusually cold and rainy for over one month with most days around 65 degrees or cooler. I will never ever complain about cold temperatures since I thrive in areas and weather where we must layer our cutest clothes on top of each other, so I thrived in that environment. While my mom probably left the house as infrequently as possible (she hates both cold and rain! Ask her about the trip to Waco the summer before my sophomore year where we moved into my apartment and it thunderstormed the entire time!), I eagerly dressed in my most colorful and cozy clothes to brave the outdoors! If it were even cooler, I would’ve thrown on a quilted jacket (I’m obsessed with this pink block print one from Etsy) and printed scarf, but alas, I settled for sweater layers and my favorite pair of thick denim. I started the cozy outfit with the softest and most affordable cerulean cashmere tee from Quince—a well loved birthday gift (originally listed in my birthday and Christmas wish list from last year) that’s even more beautiful in person! I love pink and blue together, so I threw on my thick and puffy sleeved J.Crew sweater I spent quite a pretty penny on in September 2021 and it’s still one of my all time favorite cardigans for any occasion! I never thought Abercrombie and Fitch denim would be my favorite brand to wear (I still have trauma from their longline skinny logo tees I wore in elementary school when they were two sizes too small for my body), but these 90s jeans are the ones I reach for most in my collection! I love how the slouchiness makes the precious sweaters more casual and cozy for the weather. I wore my beloved Amazon frilly socks with the holy grail Mary Jane Tbilisi flats since they’re my comfort pair and finished the look with lots of accessories in the form of hair clips, gold jewelry, my sweet silver charm bracelet, and the brown Target belt my mom loves so much (and that I purchased for only $10!). The cold weather look was a perfect mix of high and low items and I could’ve worn it on every semi-frigid day!