Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation Review + Swatches

After anxiously awaiting its arrival in my local Target since its launch, I have finally obtained the Covergirl Whipped Foundation. During my trip to San Francisco, I went to Target (of course!) and I gasped when I saw the foundation on a stand. The hyped up reviews got my heart racing as I quickly purchased the foundation and anxiously waited to test it out back at my hotel.

I purchased the shade Buff Beige, hoping and praying for a good match! Unfortunately, my luck was not with me at Target, as the shade was horribly off. When I looked in the natural lighting of my hotel room, all I saw was a completely pale ghost face! It was awful! Along with the bad color match, it was also an extremely wrong undertone. My face was a complete pale pink mess. Not only was the color match wrong, but I also could not stand the feeling of this foundation on my skin. I have oily skin, but it felt really drying and uncomfortable. The heaviness of the base made my skin look incredibly cakey (which is never a good ladies). Despite the shade and the weight of the foundation, I really liked the packaging. It’s incredibly petite and feels really well made. The glass is a nice addition to a vanity or countertop. Also, the texture is extremely smooth and feels light when you dip your fingers in it. Even though there were some good points I just couldn’t get past all of the bad parts. Overall, I was so disappointed by this foundation. It may be good on certain skins, but it was just not a good match for me.

Have any of you tried the Whipped Creme Foundation? What were your thoughts?