Cosplaying as the Scooby-Doo Cast

Scooby-Doo cast lookalike

Target shirt, Uniqlo sweater, Zara scarf (old, similar here), Uniqlo pants (old), Amazon belt, Amazon socksMaryJaneTbilisi shoes

When I worked at the Office of the Public Defender from 2020-2022, I was truly in one of my least cute fashion eras with most of my clothes coming from different store sales as my weight fluctuated (I still love this outfit though!). When I tried to find the pieces I thought looked best, I styled them exactly the same—tight cropped shirt with skinny jeans (Brandy Melville was my place to be at the time!). And although I still love and often wear those same tops (not as into the skinny pant look anymore—straight and wide leg feel the best), I focus on layering and styling outfits with as many colors and accessories as possible, especially in the workplace! I realized that I never used to style my looks and instead just wore pieces as they were—top, pants/skirt, shoes; sorted. Now that I’m freezer with my style and varied color palettes, I reach for basics, layers, and accessories to pull together my everyday and office looks! I wore this pictured outfit to a large in person professional meeting where a few people I work closely with externally claimed I look like all of the Scooby-Doo characters put together. Have you ever heard of a better compliment than that? Jonathan probably has. I never considered any of the Scooby-Doo characters aside from Daphne of course as fashion inspiration, but the colors, patterns, textures, and accessories clearly had some influence! I started with my favorite ever orange crewneck from Target’s A New Day brand and tucked it into these navy Uniqlo joggers I wear all the time to work. I usually style my tank tops and t shirts under some type of layer like a button down or sweater, and I imagined this purple Uniqlo one (I own these sweaters in yellow, pink, purple, and green—they’re my favorites!) would pair perfectly. Daphne and Velma fit perfectly within this style. And what looks better with this neckline than a tied neckscarf à la Fred? I finished the outfit with my classic socks in Mary Janes and the perfect yellow hair clips to match. A much cuter work Scooby-Doo look is complete!