Constellations on Denim

Hinge blouseRevolve Skirt, Kate Spade bag (old), Kate Spade Saturday shoes

Damn, how long has it been since I’ve published a real outfit post? It seems like forever ago and I guess I can blame it on the fact that my professional photographer (aka my sister in her pajamas) and I are apart for the majority of the year. While I love bossing people around when it comes to taking my picture, there is none I love bossing around more than Megan. On this particular day I begged her to take my pictures in grandma and grandpa’s backyard (all the way downstairs) and she gave in after I said I would pay her (which I didn’t). She bought me this blouse for my birthday after I fell in love with it at Nordstrom and she hadn’t yet bought me a present. I mainly love this blouse so I can connect to my roots and pretend to be Mau Pialug (my hero) or a culturally accurate Moana. This skirt is from Revolve and I bought it a few months ago because I love the idea of a denim skirt. However, this one is secured by button snaps that aren’t so secure and pop open every time I sit down. I often dream about wearing this skirt on a day where chairs don’t exist and I can stand up and show it off. I also included a cute picture of me and Scout where she looks miserable.