Commemorating My 25th Birthday

My 25th birthday
Decorations for my birthday
Food for my 25th birthday

My 25th birthday celebrations continued yesterday (on my actual day of birth) from the moment I woke up until my last bite of dessert post-dinner! Every year I like to commemorate my birthday in a multi-day event because I feel like one day is simply not enough and it’s usually overwhelmed by the busyness of the holiday season. Does that make me selfish and extra? Probably, but I am who I am! I love my birthday and I wanted my 25th to feel as fun as possible because it absolutely is. Luckily, my partner and family made me feel extraordinarily special and I had a wonderful day full of food, relaxation, and gifts! I took off from work and woke up fairly early to a living room decorated with pink balloons, streamers, and crinkly rose gold balls that my partner put up at 5 am. He also brought me my favorite acai bowl from Jewel or Juice because I didn’t want to eat too much before our huge dinner with my family later that night. We didn’t have a ton of activities planned for the day besides relaxing, filming some TikToks, making southern potato salad for my friend’s Christmas gift (and a separate batch for family dinner), wrapping more Christmas gifts, napping (my favorite activity ever), opening birthday presents, and getting ready for dinner. I asked my family to make different BBQ dishes for my 25th birthday dinner since our COVID cases are on the rise again and I don’t want to eat in a restaurant at the moment. I love having potluck-style dinners for my birthday celebration (last year we had a bunch of Mexican food!) so cooking isn’t forced on only one person. My mom produced her famous deviled eggs, dad smoked ribs, pulled pork, and sausage; Megan made cole slaw, my aunty baked mac and cheese, grandma slow cooked baked beans, and I brought some potato salad! We ate ice cream and oreo cheesecakes for dessert and after opening presents, we all went home full and happy. It’s been a great round of 25th birthday celebrations!