Colorful Office Updates Over the Past Year

Colorful office additions
Me at my desk
The side view of my office
Walking in to my office

Last week on the one year anniversary of my hiring as the Community Outreach Court Intake/Case Coordinator, I wrote about the past 12 months I’ve spent in the position and what I experienced so far. I’ve learned and grown so much as a non-licensed “social worker” addressing all of my clients’ needs and walking them through the entire court process. My job can be extraordinarily tedious, but I can’t deny that I’ve become a better advocate since I was hired. And although I’m lucky to even have a job throughout the past two horrific years, I would be lying if I didn’t say that getting a small office is one of the highlights of my work life! When I started working in COC as the Coordinator I shared a little photo tour of my brand new office, and I’ve added and removed some elements as the months have passed. I pride myself on having probably the most colorful office in our entire building and I’m always looking for ways to bump up the color factor. My office feels like the one place in my life where I can have a space that’s only for me, so I want to make it reflect my personality as much as possible. I decorated my wall spaces with more pictures, hanging gifts, and Baylor memorabilia (because obviously)—all of which are perfect colorful office additions while sticking to my general interests. I hated that old metal file cabinet I used to have next to my royal blue chairs, so I swapped it out for the same rainbow rolling cart from Michael’s that my mom keeps in her office. The last little switch I made was changing my generic black keyboard and mouse into a Wi-Fi-enabled pink, white, and purple set that goes perfectly with the other colorful office pieces I have floating around. My office is my favorite space ever and I hope you like it too!