Colorful, Chaotic, and Crowded Apartment Corners

Colorful shelf
The most chaotic closet
A colorful rug
Michael and Quentin's home
Loved ones on the fridge

I grew up in a two bedroom apartment, and the small space was shared among me, my sister, and my parents until my sister graduated and we all moved out. Because the shared space was fairly tiny and cramped for four grown people, I didn’t get to decorate Megan’s and my room the way I wanted to as a child. However, once we moved into our house, my Baylor memorabilia, magazine cutouts, string lights, and marching band mementos filled the walls and corners of my huge bedroom! As I moved from our house to my freshman year dorm room (I do not miss her!!) to my Waco apartment (I still miss her!!) and first apartment with my partner in Kapahulu, I decorated my homes with as many colorful and fun pieces as possible. I’m lucky that I’ve blogged about nearly every part of my life for the past almost 11 years (what is privacy? what is professionalism?) and I’ve documented all of my thoughts, outfits, poems, and living areas so I’ll never forget anything. Some may say that’s overexposure, but I think it’s fun! I don’t have any private thoughts! Now that my partner and I live in a different apartment, I’ve turned our two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathroom into a colorful, chaotic, and crowded mess with some sense of organized clutter. We brought all of our furniture and home decor from our previous apartment, but lots of pieces didn’t quite fit our new space and its layout, so we got rid of our perfect dining table and chairs and the old living room rug to redesign what fits this specific living area. My personal style has morphed into what Allison Bornstein’s 3 word method would call colorful, girly, and layered, and I believe I’ve translated my clothing and accessory style to my home style with pieces that truly reflect me (my partner’s style and decor choices are not to be seen, to his dismay lol)! To showcase my newly found/identified aesthetic choices, I’ve played around with texture, color, and precious trinkets. I’m thrilled with how my apartment is coming together with as much color and fun as possible, and I can’t wait to showcase what it continues to morph into over the years!