College Football Rankings Mean Nothing in 2020

Current college football rankings

The college football rankings, both AP and coaches polls, are garbage every year, but they’re especially contemptible this season as neither Pac-12 nor Big 10 conferences have played a game yet and many other teams have postponed or cancelled matchups due to COVID outbreaks (looking at my beloved Bears). We somehow just finished week 7 of NCAA play (and Baylor’s only played two games so far?) and the college football rankings are a ridiculous sight. For some reason, the AP rankings list currently has two Big 10 teams who haven’t played a single game yet in the top 10 and seven total in the top 25! Ranked teams who haven’t yet taken the field are ranked above teams that have! Somehow! As if that makes sense! Obviously this season is riddled with uncertainty, inconsistencies on both sides of the ball, and for some, more cancelled games than games played, but our (I’m assuming you all share the same opinion about college football rankings as me) belief that the polling system is rigged has been confirmed. I’m obviously not just spewing this rage because Baylor is unranked—though if we were going off solely on the first game of the season, they would be #1—because based off of their 1-1 record, they should be, but I think it’s outrageous that seven(!!!!) teams are listed in the 25 best in the country despite having no performance to show yet. The purpose of this post is really just to argue with no one about my qualms with the rankings system and I hope the majority of people who read my blog (aka mom and dad) would agree with me. If college football teams and fans are to believe that being ranked is an honor bestowed only upon the teams that deserve it, the committees will have to rethink who they give their votes to and for what purpose (and why Texas is always on it despite being utter trash every year).