Cleveland Cavaliers Hire Lindsay Gottlieb

Lindsay Gottlieb

I love when women are given more opportunities to advance in the world of sports, especially when they take places in male-dominated athletics like football and men’s basketball. When I wanted to coach college football back in the day (aka only a few years ago), I knew it was nearly an impossible feat being a woman of color. One of the worst parts of loving sports has been seeing the ripe misogyny of the large male population. I almost despise reading articles about powerful and talented women athletes and coaches excelling at their respective sports because I know the thousands and thousands of comments will be from men employing the most brutal sexist responses that would disgust the women in their own lives. However, I also want to celebrate the accomplishments of those same successful women because their goals and achievements are much more important than every bullshit man who tries to drag them down or belittle them. One woman in particular whom I’ve fangirled over is former UC Berkeley Women’s Basketball Head Coach Lindsay Gottlieb. I was ecstatic about the news that the Cleveland Cavaliers recently announced their recruitment and hiring of coach Lindsay Gottlieb as their newest assistant coach. I was lucky enough to meet and talk with coach Gottlieb last year when we hosted the Golden Bears during the first and second rounds of the NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament. She was kind and friendly and I always appreciate any coach or administrator that treats random student workers in the same manner as they would a much more important person. As an assistant coach with the Cavs, she will bring the skills that helped earn Cal a 179-89 (.668) record and seven NCAA tournament appearances. Coach Gottlieb will be the first women’s college coach recruited to coach on an NBA staff and I think the league will be much better because of her presence. Now let’s get more women on other football and men’s basketball staffs!