Cleaning Out My Closet for A Fresh Start

Cleaning out my closet

Over the past few years I’ve shared peeks into the different homes and closets I’ve housed my most precious belongings in and those have been some of my favorite posts to look back on (here’s one from my Waco apartment and one for this house when I moved back home)! I’ve truly missed living in my wonderful Waco apartment ever since I moved out in 2019, so I’m thankful I documented and wrote about that place I grew up in. That apartment was where I spent countless nights procrastinating, starting essays at midnight only to finish at 9 am before class, sleeping through final exams, crying, making delicious dinners, eating chips and salsa for lunch between classes, raising and loving Reggi, laughing with friends, decorating for Christmas, and running in and out from school to lunch with Jonathan and Lo or to work. I consider my former Waco apartment a home I grew up in and this house with my parents and grandparents also raised me for the past 10 years. I lived in a two bedroom apartment with my parents and Megan from birth till 8th grade and ever since then, we’ve been in this beautiful house with much more space. I went through the toughest and most exciting parts of high school and the last three years here with my loved ones and I wouldn’t trade any second of the time we’ve had together. And while I won’t spoil any upcoming posts (although this one is probably a clear spoiler alert anyway), I’m cleaning out my home closet for a fresh start! Of course a cleaning out of my closet should be inevitable as much of what I had hanging up doesn’t fit my body anymore, but I haven’t gotten to the clearing and donating until this point. Among my colorful collection of plastic hangers (if I wanted to be a little fancier, I would buy these hangers) is another bright and basic assortment of clothing I love but can’t currently wear in this weather. I’m keeping my jackets in this closet alongside dresses that don’t fit but I can’t bear to part with. I’m hoping my dear crafty bff KaiÊ»olu can maneuver the pieces into items that might form my body better once she gets back from school! In order to do a full cleaning out of this fantastic closet space, I packed up and donated all of the clothes that I don’t want/don’t fit me, shelved my shirts and sweaters I still want to wear, and kept my dresses and jackets that either need altering or just don’t work for the current season. The rest of my clothes and accessories will go somewhere else and I’ll reveal just where in a few days!