Celebrating Mikayla’s Birthday

I’ve been blessed by the old gods and the new (old meaning André 3000 and new meaning Jonathan Van Ness) with devoted, consistent friendships from elementary school to college. My best friends from school remain my family today as I still spend most of my time with Kaiʻolu, Brandon, Parker and Mikayla. I love how each relationship is different so I can turn to each person in various situations. Mikayla and I have been best friends since she was a freshman and I a sophomore as we met at band camp. Our personalities are one and the same and I know I can always rely on her for anything. We’ve shared outrageous moments and have collected sweet memories like flowers from a garden, treasuring each recollection with delicate care. I love rehashing our favorite intangible gifts from band camp craziness to every adventure across the U.S. I’m thankful that no matter how many miles or years have separated us, Mikayla and I will always be sisters. We celebrated her birthday yesterday with Brandon by going to the driving range (a recurring theme in all of our birthday parties), drinking bubble tea, eating dinner at Assaggio’s, and singing happy birthday with chantilly cake at my house. I’m truly grateful for the time I spend with my best friends and I hope Mikayla knows how loved she is by all of us!