Celebrating Mikayla’s Belated Birthday

Friends on Mikayla's belated birthday
Mikayla's birthday cake
Mikayla's birthday foods

My Hawaiʻi best friends and I haven’t gathered altogether since we held Brandon’s birthday celebration at the beginning of April, so yesterday we threw Mikayla’s belated birthday beach day! Mikayla’s real birthday was at the end of May but with different scheduling conflicts, we couldn’t get together until yesterday morning. If you’ll remember, last year we celebrated Mikayla’s day with a huge picnic featuring lots of our favorite foods at Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden and we gave her a CD of her most loved songs we sang as an amateur quartet (she cried out of joy and also probably secondhand embarrassment when she heard them!). This year we decided that we wouldn’t buy or make gifts for anyone because last year’s handmade presents took forever to put together, but we still wanted to honor Mik with a beach picnic (her choice) and delicious foods! On Friday night Kaiʻolu, Brandon, and I prepared shoyu-ish BBQ chicken, which Kaiʻolu made along with rice and a massive salad and I brought a whole cantaloupe my dad kindly cut for me. Parker bought spicy ahi and oyster sauce ahi poke and many alcoholic selections as he always provides (just the day before, Conor and I drank all of his drinks). Brandon bought a guava cake that was the most outrageous hot pink highlighter shade and nearly blinded us but it tasted so good! Kaiʻolu wove Mikayla’s beautiful lei poʻo early that morning (we don’t know how she accomplished all of those tasks in only a few hours!!) from a neighbor’s pua she recycled. We had a tent and large mat set up so we and the foods wouldn’t get too hot and we spent the whole morning and afternoon eating, laughing, swimming, drinking, and for some of us, (me always) napping until it was time to leave. Mikayla is one of the kindest most generous and hardworking people I know and we’re all immensely lucky to love her!