Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism Favorites

Transatlanticism Passenger Seat A Lack of Color The New Year Title and Registration

My Go-To Karaoke Song Playlist

More Than Words by Extreme Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco All I Ask of You from The Phantom of the Opera…

Noelle Listens | July 2021

Work by Jimmy Eat World I Was A Cage by Right Away, Great Captain! Take Me Home by Phil Collins You Would Have to Lose…

Vancouver Sleep Clinic ‘Revival’ Favorites

Someone To Stay Living Water Lung Wildfire Revival

Tim Myers ‘The Year’ Album Favorites

March: Hills to Climb May: That’s When I Found October: Written in the Stars November: The End December: Somedays

Noelle Listens | June 2021

traitor by Olivia Rodrigo Way Back by Manchester Orchestra Old White Lincoln by The Gaslight Anthem Is There Something In The Movies? by Samia Transparent…

New In My Spotify Liked Songs List

All I Wanted by Paramore Only One by Yellowcard Lua by Bright Eyes If It Happens by We Were Promised Jetpacks How Can You Swallow…

Noelle Listens | May 2021

Passionfruit by Benny Sings Blood Wolf Moon by Tommy Ashby Wait by Tanner Swift Give Me Something by Seafret Take Me As You Please by…

Manchester Orchestra ‘The Million Masks of God’

Inaudible Angel of Death Keel Timing Bed Head Annie Telepath Let It Storm Dinosaur Obstacle Way Back The Internet