My Chemical Romance Favorites

I’m Not Okay (I Promise) I Don’t Love You Helena Teenagers Famous Last Words

Noelle Listens | June 2024

Down By the Water by The Drums That’s All by Genesis Pressure by Paramore Return to the Moon by EL VY Midnight by Toby Sebastian…

Manchester Orchestra COPE Live at the Earl

Top Notch Girl Harbor All That I Really Wanted Indentions Cope

Noelle Listens | May 2024

At the Hotel by Eunice Collins Better Days by Graham Nash Love Like a Sunset, Pt. 2 by Phoenix Careful by Paramore The Book of…

Old Chappell Roan Favorites

Love Me Anyway School Nights Good Hurt Meantime Bad for You

Noelle Listens | April 2024

Labradors by Hailaker, Lowswimmer, and Jemima Coulter Ignorance by Paramore Loner by Dehd It’s Not Easy by Ofege Deep Blue Sea by Art Lown

The Last Dinner Party ‘Prelude to Ecstasy’

Nothing Matters Caesar On A TV Screen The Feminine Urge On Your Side Sinner