Canon RC-6

As a beauty and fashion blogger, I’m usually shooting photos, writing articles, and editing posts by myself. It’s an amazing hobby and I love every second of it, but sometimes I could use a few extra hands. When there’s no one around to help me get the perfect picture, I’ll be turning to my new Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote Control.

When I’ve taken photos in the past, I’ve stuck to a similar depth of field, typical pose, and haven’t had much room for experimentation because I was using the auto focus and 10 second timer. When it’s too hard to run back and forth between outfit shots only for them to turn out blurry, I’ve gotten really frustrated. I always want to get beautiful pictures but without a remote control, I haven’t been able to. Enter the RC-6: a wireless remote control from Canon which easily allows the photographer (and subject) to take photos of herself while adjusting the lens focus and giving a two second grace period. This will be perfect for me when I’m off at college trying to take pictures of myself for the blog and don’t have my lovely mother around who’s always willing to help!