Brush Cleaning 101

Let’s take a quick poll: How many of you clean your makeup brushes at least once a month? (Slowly pans internet audience) Not many of you? Me either. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a complete slacker when it comes to cleaning my brushes. Although it’s incredibly gross to think about the millions of bacteria growing between the bristles (eww), I just can’t often be bothered to think about cleaning that which I put on my face every day. Brush cleaning, although time consuming and extremely tedious, is 100% necessary in maintaining a sanitary and hygienic beauty routine.

What You Need: 

  • Dirty makeup brushes

  • Natural dish soap

 How To:

Step 1- Gather all of your dirty makeup brushes along with a natural dish soap and a towel (optional)

Step 2- Turn on your sink faucet and pour a quarter size amount of soap into the palm of your hand

Step 3- Rub the dirty brushes (individually) into the water and soap mixture


(You will notice the color of the soap changing into whatever color the makeup product being applied with that certain brush is)

Step 4- Rinse the soap off of the brush and repeat with each dirty brush you plan on washing

Step 5- Lay the clean brushes out to dry (on a towel preferably) overnight

I hope this “How To” has made the brush cleaning process easier and more appealing to all of you. As a side note, I hope you’ve noticed that most of the brushes here are from the drugstore! Although I have invested in a few face brushes (like my holy grail Sephora Mineral Powder brush), I actually prefer Target’s Up & Up and ELF makeup brushes to most high end ones. I find that the $2 ELF Contour brush works even better than my MAC 217! I hope you all enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what some of your favorite brushes are!