Brandon and I Attempt A Charcuterie Spread

Charcuterie spread

Brandon and I finally reunited after he abandoned me for the past two months and our first activity was an attempt at crafting a charcuterie spread. Like most living people over the age of 20, we love a charcuterie board as an alternative to dinner (or any meal, really) and I think we did a fantastic job on our first one! Brandon brought back many delicious food items from his months in Europe with the two we chowed down on being a type of cured meat (I apologize for forgetting the name) and handmade fig jam from an obscure country I didn’t recognize. Because he provided these fancy options along with buttery crackers from Trader Joe’s, a half eaten container of Nutella, and a blender bottle filled with grapes, I packed half a bag of wheat thins and a bag of cubed Monterey Jack cheese because I am also the classiest of ladies. While to most normal humans, that sounds like enough of a spread for pūpūs, we needed more cheese and cracker options as well as another topping and a six pack of what is basically apple juice mixed with liquid Rosé imposters. We picked up an extra container of garlic crackers along with slices of Brie and aged Gouda (because apparently all charcuterie needs hard and soft cheeses!) and 1/3 pound of Whole Foods’ olive tapenade from their olive bar. Some of the fruits we included were green and purple grapes, sliced apples, and a fig jam that Brandon brought for me from somewhere in Europe (Dubrovnik? Spain?), which, by the way, was the most delicious spread. We paired the Gouda with tapenade and garlic crackers for a salty bite, Brie with meat slices as a grown up Lunchables stack, and the Brie with apple and a bit of fig jam for a unique combination! The buttery Trader Joe’s crackers dipped in Nutella were a sweet treat to add to our grown up charcuterie spread!