Bohemian Floral Dress + Hair

Forever 21 dress, Kate Spade bag (old, similar here), Daniel Wellington watchTiffany & Co. ring

I picked up this dress on a trip to Forever 21 (notice a theme in my most recent fashion posts?) because it reminded me of an old Cinnamon Girl dress my mom used to own. The dress cinches in at the waist and flares out, which I’ve found is universally flattering on every woman! I love how the rose pattern isn’t too bold and the low neckline shows just enough skin for everyday. I paired the outfit with classic black accessories and tried out a new hairstyle. I took a one-inch section of hair from the left side of my head and dutch braided it, repeating on the other side. After both sections were braided, I stretched out the pieces to make them more voluminous. I wrapped one braid around the opposite side of my head and pinned it in place with a few bobby pins and repeated with the other braid, tucking the rubber band ends inside the braids to conceal them. What I’m left with is a bohemian hairstyle that’s easy and lasts all night!