Blue and White

 Last night I performed in my eighth and final Band-o-Rama. I began my musical journey at age 10 with the Alto Saxophone and finished my high school career playing the Oboe. Eight years of learning, struggling, crying, laughing, learning, and growing have ultimately shaped the person I am today. Without being involved in band for the past eight years, I would have never embraced music and learned my seven instruments, made the friends I can now call family, played in the Presidential Inaugural parade in Washington DC, marched in the Rose Bowl Parade, or decided to pursue music for the rest of my life.

Band-o-Rama was always an exciting time as an elementary student and middle schooler as I patiently awaited my turn to be one of the celebrated seniors receiving a Letterman jacket. The years went by really slowly (there were many times I ‘quit’) but ultimately, I stuck it out and am really thankful I did.