Blogmas Day 8 | Affordable Christmas Presents for Friends and Family

All images, recipes, DIY ideas found on Pinterest

When Christmas time rolls around, many people stress out about presents rather than celebrating the holiday for what it actually represents. The cost of purchasing presents adds up and and continues to increase as the years go by. This Christmas, instead of worrying about spending all of your hard earned cash on one holiday, why not make DIY gifts for those you love?

Pictured in the top row from left to right, there’s a Pedicure in a Jar for a nail lacquer lover, Mint Sugar Body Scrub for skincare addicts, and a Felt Wallet for those special men in your life. On the next row, there is an Ice Cream Sundae in a Box for those with a sweet tooth, a personalized Recipe Cuttingboard for chefs or home cooks, and a cheeky Baileys Hot Cocoa Mix for after dinner drinks. On the last row, I chose a group of “Open When” letters for an extra special person, delicious Chocolate Spoons for festive chocolate addicts, and a gorgeous Glitter Sharpie Mug for a personalized gift.