Blogmas Day 7 | My Favorite Holiday Movies

I basically watch the same Christmas movies on repeat each year because I am a creature of habit and because they’re freaking hilarious (and heartwarming and reminiscent). The Family Stone is one of my mom and my favorites as it depicts the holiday season with a dysfunctional and real family. Sarah Jessica Parker is the new girlfriend of Dermot Mulroney (love him in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Jolene and New Girl) who struggles to fit in with his judgmental family. All hell breaks loose and she ends up with his brother while Mulroney pairs with Parker’s sister. I know, confusing and unrealistic but just trust me on this one! Watch the movie if not for its plot than its phenomenal cast- Mulroney, Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel McAdams, Diane freaking Keaton, the grandpa in Parenthood, Mark Brandanowitz from Parks and Rec, Elle’s boyfriend in Legally Blonde, older version of Juliet from that weird edition of Romeo and Juliet, Rebecca/Ava in Grey’s Anatomy and the mean guy in Stomp the Yard. Eloise at Christmastime is my favorite Christmas movie forever. I’ve been obsessed with Eloise since my dad introduced me to her through a pink t-shirt (which I wore without pants that one time there was a bomb outside my house in third grade and we had to evacuate haha) and the VHS tape. I still have a major crush on Bill and yearn to stay at the Plaza just to experience Eloise’s life. The movie is hilarious and whimsical and features both true love and Julie Andrews so what’s not to love? Home Alone 2 is the best Home Alone movie and is honestly the moment Macaulay Culkin peaked in his career. I mainly watch it because I’ve always wanted to stay in a hotel for free (aka on my dad’s credit card) and order all of the room service dishes I want. Erase the Donald Trump bit and watch the rest of the movie for laughs and high expectations of what every New York experience should be like. Elf is one of those films that’s on probably every person’s top 10 list because of Will Ferrel’s iconic acting. Jessica Day and Tyrion Lannister also make appearances, which is always fun! My favorite scene is when Buddy first enters New York, eats the gum under the handrails, gets hit by a taxi, takes all of the flyers from solicitors and throws up in a trash can. Iconic.