Blogmas Day 6 | Decorating My Apartment

Although I live by myself at school, I like to add as many festive decorations as I can to keep my home warm and cozy during the holidays. I purchased a lot of my decorations last year from Target and this year, I’ve added a few new pieces to my collection. Most of my lights and additions are in the living room with a few in the dining area. I have a mini Christmas tree that I’ve decorated with tiny ornaments under my “stranger things” lights in the living room. I recently bought the cute snowman and festive garland on my coffee table from Target as they were having a holiday sale! The home for the holidays pillow also came from Target and I love how it looks between my favorite pink throws. I have a red and white runner on my dining table and I’ve topped it off with a light up cardboard house from World Market that my dad bought for me! I hope to continue adding holiday pieces every year and have the perfect Christmas home.