Blogmas Day 4 | CFP Rankings + Bowl Games

The College Football Playoff committee released their final rankings of the season with a few weeks left in 2016. After upsets galore and tumultuous seasons across the nation, the committee’s ‘top four’ teams will be playing for the national championship. 13-0 Alabama was a shoe-in for the top slot while 12-1 Clemson followed closely behind. Although upsets are possible during the semifinals, the team led by freshman QB Jalen Hurts and some of the most talented players in the nation will probably win a back-to-back title for 2016. The controversial addition of Ohio State at No. 3 shocked football fans across the nation as the committee’s lack of consistency was brought to light. During the inaugural CFP decision in 2014, the committee blatantly left Baylor out of the top four because the Big 12 lacked a conference championship. In 2016, Ohio State lost their championship to No. 5 Penn State, but the committee members chose the former over the latter. 12-1 Washington closes out the selection with a great season. Bama and the Huskies will face off at the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl while tOSU and Clemson play at the Playstation Fiesta Bowl. Both semifinals will take place on New Year’s Eve.