Blogmas Day 3 | 18 Things to Do Before 2018

There are three weeks left in 2017 (finally, gahdamn) and I can’t wait for a fresh start in the new year. Without rushing too much through the final days of 2017, I’ve created a list of activities I want to attend and accomplish before the end of the year. I encourage you all to reflect on what you’ve experienced throughout the past 12 months and finally attempt to tick off those last few events on your to-do list. Whether it’s spending more time with loved ones, actually going to the gym, taking that risk you’ve been too scared to do or experiencing the holidays in a new light, just go for it. Once you’re pau, bring on 2018!

  1. Go all out with the festive decorations at home
  2. Take a few nice family pictures for a photo album
  3. Pass every final if can
  4. Finish purchasing Christmas presents for everyone on my list
  5. Host a Christmas movie watch party
  6. Attend a Christmas-themed concert
  7. Babysit Megan’s dog for the day
  8. Throw a Christmas party with my friends
  9. Take outfit photos around the island
  10. Bake holiday treats for neighbors
  11. Spend the day extravagantly wrapping presents
  12. Go ice skating
  13. Read at least one book I’ve been putting aside (Ta-Nehisi Coates I’m coming for you)
  14. Relax at the beach for the whole day
  15. Go on a hike I’m usually too scared to attempt
  16. Make time for a day with my cousins
  17. Help grandma prepare all of the food for New Years
  18. Create a list of New Years resolutions and stick to them