Blogmas Day 24 | Christmas Eve with Cousins

My favorite tradition of the holiday season is going to Christmas Eve dinner with my mom’s sister and her family. I’m lucky to have family on both my mom and dad’s sides with whom I’m extremely close and most of my best memories growing up have been time spent with my cousins, Christian and Conor. Even though I only have one sibling (it’s Megan if you didn’t know), I consider Christian and Conor to be like our brothers. Every year on Christmas Eve, we all go to Tanaka of Tokyo together and spend hours eating, laughing, and trading stories from the past four months. I usually force my cousins to document our time together because even though they complain in the moment, we always enjoy looking at older pictures of us and compare them to how we look now. After a long meal, new secrets shared, presents traded, and photos taken, we all depart until our annual New Year’s Eve movie + dinner night (there’s something about all of us and the ‘eve’s’ isn’t there?). I will always be thankful for these extra siblings and for our hilarious and beautiful memories at Grams and Papa’s house, watching scary movies together, seeing each other in school, and now celebrating our milestones as young adults. There’s no other people with whom I would rather spend Christmas Eve!