Blogmas Day 23: Sparkle & Glow

While I was shopping at Target the other day (when do I not shop at Target? That’s the real question!) I was looking through the Milani stand. I’ve heard so many amazing reviews of their baked blushes so I knew I had to pick one up! This shade is in Rose D’Oro, which I mentioned here in my “Birthday Face” post. Milani’s blushes are incredibly pigmented and shimmery. Oh boy, they have huge sparkles in them that catch the light. I use this as both a blusher and highlighter as the glitter is packed so densely. The shade is gorgeous and looks amazing with red lipstick! It looks as if I’ve been out into the (nonexistent) cold winter weather and I’ve caught a chill from the wind. It’s a bit pricey for a drugstore brand, weighing in at $9. Overall, the texture is incredibly smooth and it looks beautiful on more tanned skin. It’s definitely a winner in my blush book and I highly recommend it for the holiday season!

PS: These pictures were shot with my new Canon Rebel T3i (thanks mom and dad!) and I’m really grateful and excited to own my first DSLR! A full-length review of the camera will come soon…