Blogmas Day 23 | Mom and Dad’s Anniversary

The holiday season moves extremely quickly in my household because of our four consecutive holidays from my birthday to Christmas. Right after we celebrate my birthday, my parents’ anniversary appears on the 23rd and today they’re honoring 29 years of marriage. I know, can you believe? One year with someone is a huge accomplishment to me but 29 years? They are true saints. My parents met at First Hawaiian Bank back in the dark ages (just kidding!) and they’ve been super cute ever since. One aspect of their marriage I admire is their openness and honesty about their relationship. I never grew up believing that they were perfect or invincible, which made me respect their dedication to each other even more. Marriage is not in my future plans, but I’m thankful that I’ve been a witness to one full of love and hard work in my own home. Happy anniversary mom and dad, thanks for loving each other and for having me!