Blogmas Day 23 | Happy Anniversary Mom + Dad

Today marks my parents’ 28th wedding anniversary (I know, how do they do it?) and I’m truly thankful for their strength and commitment to each other all those years ago. Marriage is freaking difficult, I’m sure, but they constantly remind me that life’s hardships often lead to love. As I’ve grown up and watched their partnership evolve (along with their own personalities and beliefs), I witnessed the power of their dedication, trust, loyalty, perseverance, and friendship- all of which make their marriage what it is today. No, their days aren’t always perfect, hell, nothing is perfect, but they love each other and they do what they can to make each other happy. I’m lucky to have parents who stick it out for each other and for their family everyday and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done for me. Happy anniversary mom and dad, I hope I’ll have a marriage like yours one day!