Blogmas Day 21: OPI’s The Next CEO

Here’s a secret: I absolutely hate painting my nails. If there’s one beauty routine that I despise, it’s nail painting. It might be utter lack of nails (I tend to pick at them) or the fact that I can’t paint them to save my life. I usually scroll past any blog posts or pictures of nail art but when this season rolled around, I got quite interested in the different polish colors. I’ve been fancying many of the polishes in the different Christmas collections and I was especially fond of gold nails. When I saw the Nicole by OPI polish in The Next CEO, I knew I had to have it. Application was a cinch and the polish dried quickly when dunked in a bath of ice water. The iridescence of the polish changes color in different lighting, which makes it look both silver and gold at times. I know that the photo above is no $60 paint job, but I think it looks stunning on the nails. I will definitely be reapplying as the color is gorgeous for the holidays! Birthday and Christmas nails are now sorted.