Blogmas Day 21 | Early Birthday Celebrations


I celebrated my 22nd with an early dinner with my family and best friends and contributions toward ending cash bail by paying for someone’s bail through Mass Bail Out, college degrees for currently incarcerated people and reentry support for those who are recently released through Hudson Link for Higher Education, and purchasing warm clothes for people who are locked in frozen cages on Rikers Island through Brooklyn Defender Services. Last year’s birthday was a rough one, so I am incredibly thankful for an early celebration with the people I love most in my life. My friends love my family and vice versa, which brings me the most joy. I love watching my friends interact with my sister and parents, knowing that these types of relationships will last throughout my lifetime. My family generously provided us with a huge dinner at Buca Di Beppo where we ate a ridiculous amount of food and I drank the largest vodka cocktail of my life. After devouring seven family-size dishes and two gigantic ice cream sundaes, my friends and I went on our annual Honolulu City Lights visit and took our cutest pictures ever. I’m thankful for such an incredible day with my closest companions and I know that I’m truly privileged to spend leisurely time with them. I can only hope that this next year will bring justice and freedom as I dream of a future without borders, prisons, death row, ICE, and police brutality.