Blogmas Day 21 | Early Birthday Celebrations

I forced my best friends to spend the whole day and night with me in preparation for my birthday tomorrow! We spent a few hours at the Newtown driving range so I could show off my new skills I learned in my golf class (spoiler alert: I’m even worse now than I used to be). Brandon and Jacob were better than everyone else as usual and Mikayla, Ali, and I embarrassed ourselves more than once, but we had so much fun! I vlogged a handful of golfing shots so I’ll add them to my winter break vlog! After golfing we headed toward town to pick Parker up and eat dinner at Kaka Ľako Kitchen. I’m guessing we were all famished because no one said a word throughout dinner and we ate within 30 minutes. The highlight of the night was going to see the Honolulu City Lights where we met up with Kai Ľolu for a few minutes and wandered around the light exhibits and statues. The lights always make me excited for Christmas and spending the night with my best friends and boyfriend made them that much more special. After departing Mikayla and Ali, we went to Brandon’s house and spent hours lying on his roof listening to music and stargazing before the boys fell asleep and we drove to my house to spend the night. It was the best pre-birthday I’ve ever had and I’m constantly reminded of how lucky I am to have such amazing friends in my life.