Blogmas Day 21 | Birthday Celebrations

All of my friends are home for the holidays (except for Kai‘olu) and we decided to have a combined Christmas and birthday party. We went out for dinner and tried our best to make red velvet cookies and a s’mores cheesecake for dessert. After three hours of making cookies, they turned out terribly! It was actually a rather hilarious time trying to get all the ingredients together and make the cookies, only for them to end up tasting like pure flour. The s’mores cheesecake was supposed to take 10 minutes to make, but we struggled with that too! Apparently if you’re trying to microwave marshmallows, don’t heat them up for longer than 10 seconds. We ended up chilling the cheesecake overnight and ate it for breakfast the next morning as a birthday cake for all five of us! The dogs were really happy to have so many playmates, probably to the boys’ dismay. We ate a lot of chips, cleaned racks of dishes, and spent too much money on dessert ingredients, but it was indeed a wonderful time!