Blogmas Day 17 | A Festive Messy Updo

Holiday parties call for red lips, sparkly dresses, and festive updos. This one in particular has been my favorite for many reasons. It’s a quick way to achieve that messy bedhead look with looped ends and braids throughout the hair.

I started out by taking to sections in the front tops of my hair and braiding the one inch pieces and pinning them to the side. Next, I pulled my hair into a low ponytail on the right side of my head and secured it with a black hair tie. After that, I wrapped the braids around the hair tie to disguise it and pinned them under the ponytail. I then wrapped one-two inch pieces of hair around my finger and pinned them randomly around the rubber band. After I wrapped all the pieces, I pulled some strands of hair out around the ends of the loops and then twisted my bangs back and secured them with bobby pins.

The final look is quite messy and looks great with a pretty party dress and bold lip. It’s a festive holiday look that’s pretty and doesn’t have to be too perfect. I hope you like the look!