Blogmas Day 14: Finals Survival Kit

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogmas Day 14 (or should I say Blogmas NIGHT 14)! I’m so sorry that this post comes extremely late, as I have been involuntarily studying all day. Finals are quickly approaching at my school and I just seem to be very bogged down. As winter break is coming up, I thought I’d do a Finals Survival Kit for all those who are still in school like me and just need some bits and tips on how to live through the dreaded week of finals. Let’s hop in shall we?

Quick Energy Drink

When you are cramming formulas, definitions, and due dates in your head, it helps to have a sugary beverage nearby as the night can turn into day very quickly. This is my favorite drink that we have here in Hawaii and I intend on drinking it as much as I can when I’m studying for my finals! I also pair this with a (not very healthy) snack, which brings me to my next “must have”…

Small Snack (Preferably holiday themed)

Yes, we are continuing on with the sugar theme. I know these first two bits aren’t the healthiest, but they certainly will satisfy the late night sweet tooth! I especially love the fact that this mix is very Christmasy!

Hydrating Facial Mist

When your mind starts to get dizzy and your eyes begin to droop, I reckon that a refreshing facial mist is the key to staying awake! This one smells of grape seed and mint, which is really nice as a pick me up on those late nights.

Break Time Reading

When you can’t bear to read another notecard or vocabulary list, I highly recommend taking a 10 minute break to clear your head and relax. My favorite thing to do while taking a break is read one of my favorite magazines. This December issue of Glamour is fabulous and has amazing ideas for the holiday season!

Fantastic Playlist

Last but not least, this has got to be the most important part of staying up late to study. A really great playlist is the difference between half-awake skimming and energized studying. It should be chock full of your favorite songs that will keep you focused and prepared to work your butt off throughout the night.

Those are my favorite items in my Survival Kit for finals week! To those of you who are also taking finals or exams in the next couple of weeks, good luck!