Blogmas Day 14 | Decorating the Christmas Tree

Although I wish my family was the type to have a fully holiday-decorated home in November, we tend to procrastinate until the middle of December. Tonight we finally managed to chuck up our beloved fake tree that’s nearly as old as uncle Bernie himself (he’s immortal which means the tree is too?). We have a funny way of decorating where dad wraps the ribbon around the tree before watching sports and my sister and I bicker over where to hang our baby ornaments while mom tries to keep the peace. It’s quite a spectacle. My sister Megan has nearly 5x the number of baby ornaments as I do even though I’m the favorite child, so I like to hang mine at the top of the tree. We don’t use traditional round plastic ornaments to decorate, but instead have collected a variety of family-oriented, baby featuring, ugly homemade and decades-old ornaments to create the most unique Kakimoto-esque fake tree. With the sounds of Angelica Schuyler, Leslie Odom Jr. and “Three Plus” playing in the background, our tree was complete! Except for the non-lit top and bottom portions! Please enjoy this rare photo of Megan and me featuring our wild dogs who would not calm down.