Blogmas Day 13: Refrigerated Beauty

I completely understand the craziness of this title, but I thought it was fitting! Please bear with me as I explain. My eyes have been quite puffy lately, so I decided to pop my concealer in the refrigerator to soothe the eye area. The cool temperature of the concealer was an absolute life saver for my sore, puffy eyes so I decided to pop some more of my beauty items in the fridge as well! I threw in some skincare bits: Simple’s Hydrating Light Moisturizer and my well loved Caudalie Beauty Elixir went on in, followed by my new Baby Lips Dr. Rescue. The surprising temperature of the spray and moisturizer were like a burst of energy for my face in the morning! The refrigerated Baby Lips were also incredible as the menthol in the balm was even better at soothing my dry lips. I’ve really enjoyed tossing in a few beauty bits and pieces into my (not so healthy) fridge as the products seem to work better in the cool temperature! What are some of your favorite wacky beauty tips?