Blogmas Day 12 | 19 Things to Do Before 2019

Two more weeks of 2018 and this god awful year will be over! I started the year off with a horrible case of mono, which really set the tone for the majority of my months. With all of the awful executions, perjuries, sexual assaults, cases of police brutality, violence against immigrants, and literally everything the Trump administration has done this year, I’m more than excited to be say a hui hou to 2018. In an effort to end the year better than I started it, I’ve created a short list of activities to participate in, restaurants to dine at, and tasks to complete before the fresh slate of 2019 arrives.

  1. Write at least two more poems
  2. Purchase and wrap the perfect gifts for family and friends
  3. Attend as many Roosevelt practices/meetings as possible (they still think of me as a coach!)
  4. Test and perfect the most delicious chocolate chip brioche recipe for Christmas
  5. Decorate the house and yard with dozens of twinkle lights
  6. Dress the pups and kitty up in sweet holiday outfits
  7. Watch Eloise at Christmastime on repeat (try not to cry at Bill and Rachel for once)
  8. Bake peppermint brownies for every neighbor
  9. Donate to as many organizations as the bank account allows (list found here)
  10. Play festive Christmas songs on the ukulele with grandma and grandpa
  11. Turn the darkest brown after multiple days at Nānākuli beach
  12. Eat multiple plates of lau lau and lomi salmon from Waiahole Poi Factory
  13. Hike Crouching Lion again without dying
  14. Convince Brandon to take cute swimsuit photos (of me, not of himself)
  15. Throw a mini Christmas party with friends
  16. Eat malasadas and go through the Christmas lights at Honolulu Hale
  17. Apply for jobs with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Baylor, The Marshall Project, Rep. Lucy McBath, RAICES, Planned Parenthood, Hudson Link, Vera Institute for Justice, etc
  18. Go on picnics with friends complete with cheap champagne and off brand cheese boards
  19. Ring in the new year with renewed dreams among the best family ever