Blogmas Day 11 | Birthday and Christmas Wishlist

This year, I truly discovered what I’m passionate about and in what direction I want to take my blog. I  sort of distanced myself from beauty and skincare, not because I don’t like makeup but because I’m interested in more than just the newest lipstick or moisturizer release. Because of my secured passions in football, music, and fashion, both my blog and birthday/Christmas wishlist have had switch-ups.

One of the gifts I’ve been wanting for a while is The New Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football. I love football so much and even though I prefer CFB to the NFL, this is an important book in the history and future of the game. Hopefully it will help me to understand all of the key dates and events in the football world that I don’t know about in order to help me in my journey to become a coach! Another football gift that I would love to receive is the 2016 edition of Madden for XboxOne. It’s fun to play to learn more about different play styles and would be great to own. I taught myself how to play the Oboe last year for a Christmas concert and played it until the end of my senior year. Now that I’m in college and don’t have access to an Oboe, I really want to own one! It was perhaps my favorite instrument to learn and I always had fun teaching myself new fingerings and notes. This year I would love to own the Yamaha YOB-241 Series Oboe for my birthday and Christmas. The last two pieces on my wishlist are the Lovers + Friends Romper and the J.Crew Factory Quilted Jacket. Both pieces are navy basics that can be dressed up and down and can be paired with many different outfits! I would sport this romper with black tights, a scarf, and leather jacket for the colder weather and this quilted jacket is perfect for the winter time.