Blogmas Day 1 | My Favorite Holiday Lip Colors

Amongst the copious amount of lip products in my makeup collection, only a handful stand out during the holiday season. When shimmery shadows, highlighted cheekbones, and bold lips are the norm during the colder months, I’ve made sure to have a collection of lipsticks and glosses on hand for every occasion. Most of the products in my favorite Christmas/New Year’s beauty kit are red lipsticks, berry balms, and hot pink glosses (plus a nude thrown in for a smokey eye pairing). 

Starting with the berries, my absolute favorite lipstick is the Burberry Lip Mist in Oxblood. This is hands down the most gorgeous shade and formula out of any other lipstick I own. The deep wine-red color and moisturizing texture leave my lips looking stained and juicy. It’s quite expensive for a lipstick, but the Burberry packaging and signature click of the lid leave me wanting more and more of the British line.

Next up is the Sei Bella Lipstick in Rosewood– a frosty plum shade with an almost duochrome finish. This color is beautiful and the texture is smooth and creamy. Although I’m not usually a fan of ‘frost’ lip colors, I like the way this make my lips look fuller because of the highlighted look on my bottom lip. It’s definitely one to pair with an all black ensemble to make a bold statement.

The Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Red Velvet is my newest drugstore beauty find. I’ve enjoyed using the lip butters for the past couple of years but I’ve never loved one as much as this gorgeous deep berry-red shade. The lip butters are insanely pigmented and easily glide on the lips. They don’t last very long because of the moisture-rich formulation, but the intense color is worth a quick trip to the drugstore.

An old favorite in the form of the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Mightiest Maraschino is the classic Christmas red- not too warm, not too cool. It comes in a twist up chubby pencil and is the longest lasting of this bunch. It’s definitely not a tinted balm as stated on Sephora’s website because the pigments are so strong. It looks amazing when paired with lashings of mascara and natural skin.

The next red on my Christmas favorites list is the MAC Lipstick in MAC Red. This is definitely a stunning color with great lasting power. The lipstick is a quintessential red housed in MAC’s iconic black packaging. For a bold holiday look, I would wear this with a red dress and classic black pumps.

A drugstore favorite is a pink gloss (I know, I know, that sounds awful) called the Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Aurora. I’m usually completely against the idea of a bold color (especially pink) in a glossy formula, but this one changed my mind. The doe foot applicator is probably the best I’ve ever used and the color is absolutely beautiful. An affordable lip color that makes a statement? That’s a product I’ll definitely love.

Last but certainly not least is my sole nude in MAC Lipstick in Modesty. Modesty is the perfect pinky nude shade that I usually wear with smokey eyes or on “no makeup makeup days”. The lipstick is essential for the holidays because although it’s a nude, it is the only one to pair with dark eyes. It’s a beautiful shade and the creamy texture leaves my lips soft and supple.