Blogmas 2014

I’m extremely excited to announce that this year I will be taking part in Blogmas! If you are completely lost as to what I’m talking about, head over to last year’s post on the winter theme, which draws a craze among YouTubers and bloggers alike during the holiday season. Essentially, Blogmas happens throughout December when I will be posting holiday gift ideas, Christmas makeup and outfits, recipes, DIYs, etc and it’s probably the most fun I have during the year! I know that I usually post everyday so the Blogmas theme seems a bit lackluster, but I’m so excited to do it for the second year in a row. December also marks the anniversary of TIN (this will be my second year of blogging) and I’m ecstatic to be celebrating the “holiday” at home amongst my favorite readers and supporters aka my family. I hope you all are as excited for Blogmas as I am!