Blending Layers into My At Home Curly Haircut

Blending layers into my haircut

I’ve become frustrated and exhausted with my hair over the past few months despite making noticeable strides in curl pattern and texture, leaving me questioning whether I should chop off a large portion in another at home haircut (which I debated back in March). Caring for and styling curly hair on a daily basis takes a lot of work and sometimes I think it might be easier to cut all of it off! In February I attempted cutting my hair at home using the unicorn method and while I liked the different lengths I was left with, I never seemed to figure out blending layers into my curls sections. The process of blending layers can be daunting when one is not a professional hairstylist, but I cut my hair again a couple weeks ago, and I think I did a better chop this time than last (even though I accidentally gave myself short curly bangs). I once again utilized the unicorn method of cutting curls (here’s a video showing the process), but sectioned my hair off into even more parts this go around. I pulled all of my hair into one thick ponytail at the top of my head and cut about three and a half inches off the ends. After releasing the rubber band, I sectioned off a chunk from the tops of my ears and pulled the rest of the hair into another ponytail at the front of my head and once again chopped off another three and a half inches. Repeating the process of sectioning off three more sections and cutting off the same length each time, I finished with a two inch chunk parallel to the highest points of my eyebrows and cut off the lengths to make what I thought would be a slightly shorter chunk blending layers into the choppy curls, but turned out to be curly bangs! As opposed to the last time I cut my own hair, I cut the same lengths off of each section and added more sectioned cuts, so I ended up with more blended layers throughout. I’m still annoyed at my hair 67% of the time, but I think the overall chop looks much better than the last!