Beplain Nonnano Mild Sunscreen is My SPF of Choice

Beplain Nonnano Mild Sunscreen

Back in December I wrote about my newfound skincare journey toward anti-aging by switching up my day and nighttime routines. I’m no longer stuck on the acne-targeted system of my youth (I’m 26 now, for l*rd’s sake!!), and am instead opting for as many wrinkle-reducing, sun-protecting products as possible. In my first anti-aging skincare post, I wrote about my passion for the Illiyoon Ceramide Ato Lotion thanks to the recommendation of my best friend and skincare guru Brandon. In combination with my Illiyoon lotion, a retinol serum, and a retinol eye cream (they’re all in my nighttime routine that I’ll share in an upcoming post!), I’ve been using the Beplain Clean Ocean Nonnano Mild Sunscreen with SPF 50+. When I was initially looking for an every day sunscreen that didn’t leave me with oily or greasy skin, I used the infamous Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Rice + Probiotic SPF 50+, which is incredibly thin and lightweight and blends like a dream. Unfortunately it appears I’m allergic or sensitive to chemical sunscreens like Beauty of Joseon, so Brandon helped me find Beplain, which is a highly-rated mineral sunscreen on the Stylevana website. Mineral sunscreens aren’t my favorite texture since they tend to be thicker and leave a white cast, but Beplain blends well (albeit not as easily as Beauty of Joseon or other chemical SPFs) and gives me a glow without the extra grease. I feel protected from the sun’s rays for over an hour and I don’t get as shiny as I used to when I applied Neutrogena or other sunscreens. I’m hoping that Beplain and my body sunscreen will protect me from the Gordon Ramsay-esque wrinkles of my nightmares, especially since using retinols at night can increase my sensitivity to the sun! If you’re looking for an affordable non-sticky or greasy mineral cream for daily use, I highly recommend Beplain!