Belated Birthday Wishes for Dad

Belated birthday wishes for dad

I would normally write and share this post on my dad’s actual birthday aka yesterday, but I can’t mess up my weekly 5 things schedule so belated birthday wishes it is! The month of December is the most exciting (for me) and most stressful (for my mom) in my family as we celebrate my and dad’s birthdays and my parents’ anniversary all before Christmas. We usually kick off the holiday period with a birthday dinner for dad surrounded by our closest family members, but this year it was just us and my grandparents. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to spend the past year (and every single day) with my family to their delight, I’m sure, especially since no one could have predicted the scariness of the last nine months. We are extremely different people, dad and I, but two conversation topics we will always agree on are football and food. One of my greatest joys since I moved home has been watching every Baylor football game with my parents as we discuss the happenings of the quarters and what we are excited about and/or what we’d do differently (there’s a lot of yelling and dad shushing me from screaming expletives at the refs and opposing coaches—mostly directed toward Tom Herman and Lincoln Riley and Matt Campbell aka the worst people ever in the world). Although I truly loved working at Baylor football games and spending each week in the press box, I’m grateful to have a dad who listens to my sports opinions and validates each of my statements. On the same level, he constantly encourages me to go after what I want in life– whether that be sports or organizing. When I was writing for the Star Advertiser during last year’s football season, he (and mom of course) came with me to almost every game, even to those where they had no care for either team. Knowing that my parents were in the audience cheering me on meant the whole world and I hope we’ll have the same experience when high school football (should) come back in January. Dad and I don’t agree on everything—hell, our disagreements are vast and frequent, but we’re slowly becoming more compassionate and attentive when it comes to our discussions and I’m so thankful for that fact. While we won’t share an adoration for Colin Kaepernick or prison abolition (or Vineyard Vines on his end) any time soon, I’m lucky to have a dad who will listen and learn right alongside me no matter what! Although we couldn’t celebrate dad the way we normally would, I hope these belated birthday wishes are another small gift for my favorite guy!