Belated 30th Birthday Wishes for Jonathan

Belated 30th wishes for Jonathan

Yesterday amongst all of the hustle and bustle of Baylor Men’s Tennis winning the Big 12 Championship, I quite simply neglected to write my first ever (somehow???) birthday ode to Jonathan, my boss-turned-bff despite his countless objections. And to share belated 30th wishes seems like the least I can do! I don’t know that I’ve ever written about how Jonathan/Yonny and I became friends when I started working in Baylor Athletics. One of the days before school started prior to my sophomore year, all of the Communications student workers had to meet at McLane Stadium for an introduction meeting, stadium tour, and “photoshoot” for the Media Guide. Somehow my dumbass didn’t receive the email from my former boss Heath (the best person in the world) telling us where to meet and what to wear, so I showed up at the Athletics offices in a dress (not the pants I was supposed to wear). Of course I didn’t have a car at the time either, so once my other boss realized I was in the wrong place, he made Jonathan drive me to McLane. A fun fact is that Yonny hates everyone especially student workers, so he despised me immediately for making him leave his office and drive me to a different location. Every time I think about that scenario now I crack up because he must’ve been so angry and I was terrified of everyone and everything at the time and there was just zero probability of us becoming friends after that. Thankfully, Yonny enjoyed scaring me and capitalizing off of my anxieties and I made him speak to me more by bothering him in his office every day. Lo also helped as the three of us quickly became extremely close and we were texting and snapchatting almost every day. Now, of course, there are too many hilarious and unforgettable memories to share for Yonny’s belated 30th birthday (we spent his first birthday as best friends together at our favorite Fossil Rim) like being groomsmen in his wedding to Urn, cry laughing at every softball and soccer game we worked together, taking four-five hour lunches at Chili’s or the Compound, driving forever away to get the best donuts ever, and taking care of me when I had mono during my ultra depression year. Yonny should receive all of the best gifts and wishes for this belated 30th because even though we had the worst ever first impression interaction, we are now bffs forever (barf) until we decide we hate each other!