Baylor Men’s Basketball on Pause for Unclear Reasons

Baylor MBB on pause

I’ve been writing more posts about the Baylor Men’s Basketball team not only because football isn’t in season and I love basketball, but also since this team is probably one of the greatest in Baylor history! Of course there are arguments to be made for each of the noteworthy basketball squads throughout modern Baylor Athletics history, but it’s easy to see why this 2020-2021 could go all the way in March—a feat they’ve never accomplished. Usually the nation’s top teams exist around a star squad member (someone like former Kansas PG Frank Mason) making every bucket and more, but this team doesn’t have that element. Instead, Baylor MBB is a true team effort. For example, I wrote about junior guard/small forward Matthew Mayer the other day and how his contributions to the team as one of the “next man up” guards takes this Baylor group to the next level. Unfortunately, Baylor Athletics released a statement later this afternoon saying the team is on pause indefinitely due to unforeseen and undisclosed reasons (I guess we can assume they’re COVID related). Head Coach Scott Drew announced that the team’s playing activities are on pause and the two upcoming games against TCU and Oklahoma would be affected by the news. This Baylor team has had a few games postponed and rescheduled or cancelled (remember when they were supposed to face No. 1 Gonzaga before both teams were in their prime?), but this postponement news is most upsetting to hear because all signs pointed to Baylor just finding their groove and hitting their winning stride at the perfect point of the season. Unfortunately it looks like this squad can’t catch a break and their performances in the remaining games could be impacted by this delay. Should COVID not be a huge issue for the team, here’s hoping the athletes remain healthy and active and keep their undefeated streak alive!