Baylor MBB Exits 2023 NCAA Tournament in Second Round

Baylor MBB in NCAA Tournament
Photo credit: David Zalubowski – Associated Press

March Madness is both thrilling and devastating for athletes and fans alike as no victory is guaranteed throughout the NCAA Tournament rounds. Last year, the Baylor Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams played excellent matchups in the first round only to be bounced out in the second, and the same occurred in this year’s tournament. Earlier this week, the third-seeded Men’s squad excelled past UCSB in the first round on Junior F Caleb Lohner’s season-high night. However, Baylor (23-11) wasn’t so lucky in their face-off with No. 6 Creighton (23-12) at Ball Arena as the former fell 85-76 in the mild upset. The Bluejays’ dominant 3-point shooting and perfect free throw percentages quickly outpaced Baylors’ off night for 3s. In the first half, the Bears shot 36.1% (13-36) of field goals, 13.3% (2-15) of 3s, and 33.3% (1-3) of free throws compared to the Bluejays’ 50% (12-24) of field goals, 43.8% (7-16) of 3s, and 100% (8-8) of free throws. Baylor was led by junior G LJ Cryer (hopefully we have one more season with him!) who shot a career-high 30 points and 2 rebounds, making 59% (13-22) of field goals and 36.3% (4-11) of 3s. Senior G Adam Flagler followed with 15 points and 1 rebound on 42.8% (6-14) of field goals with an uncharacteristic 0 3s and 60% (3-5) of free throws. Junior F Jalen Bridges was the third athlete shooting double digits with 12 points and 6 rebounds on 71.4% (5-7) of field goals, 50% (1-2) of 3s, and 100% (1-1) of free throws. The Bears finished shooting 46% (29-63) of field goals, 22.7% (5-22) of 3s, and 68.4% (13-19) of free throws, while the Bluejays shot 47.3% (26-55) of field goals, 45.8% (11-24) of 3s, and 100% (22-22) of free throws.